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    How can i contact you?
    You can contact us via our contact form. Our customer care will get back to you within 24 hours.

    I can not find my order confirmation, where do i look or whom do i contact?
    All orders placed through our web shop should receive a confirmation of the order via email. If you have not received an order confirmation please check your spam folder before contacting us. If the order confirmation is not there either, then please let us know through our contact form and we will send it immediately.

    How do i find my size for a bracelet?
    To measure your size accurately, take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist. Cut the string and measure the length of the string with a ruler. This will give you your exact wrist size for a better fit.

    Petite: 5.5 inches
    Small: 6.5 inches
    Average: 7.5 inches
    Large: 8 inches

    Do you make anklets as well?
    Our bracelets can be used for anklets as well. The majority of our bracelet sizes will range from 5.5 inches up to 10 inches for the customers that want it to be anklets instead. To find out your size, take a piece of string and wrap it around your ankle. We recommend the anklets to be a little bit loose, so when wrapping the string around your ankle, wrap it how you would want the anklet to sit on you. Then measure the string in inches for your correct size.

    Do you do custom orders?
    Yes we do! If you didn't find anything you like on our website or like a bracelet but want to change it in some way - just let us know! Email us at with the subject line "CUSTOM ORDER" and tell us what you would like. Our design team will help you along the way as we create your custom order. We will email you the hemp colours we have available as well as the beads we have in stock. 

    Why are all your products made from hemp?
    WATTNEY KAY has been a hemp pioneer since 2007. As a brand we are committed to leveraging its many benefits to create stylish, durable jewellery.
    Hemp is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers - second only to spider silk. Hemp enriches rather than depletes the soil by shredding its leaves throughout the season, creating a rich compost. Hemp requires about half the amount of water that other agricultural crops do. Hemp requires no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers to grow. Hemp helps purify the soil, removing heavy metals. Hemp is considered a carbon negative raw material because its growth actually produces an outlet of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere. 

    How long will my bracelet last?
    On average, the quality of these hemp bracelets will last up to 1-3 months if worn every day without being taken off. It is recommended to remove these before showering, washing dishes or swimming to make these bracelets last longer - if taken care of well, they can last for over a year.

    My bracelet is rough, will it soften over time?
    Yes your bracelet will soften over time. Hemp wears in, not out. So the more you wear it, the more it becomes unique to you.

    How do I tie a "I'm committed" knot for my hemp bracelet?
    Check out our video on how to tie a "I'm committed" knot here.

    I have sensitive skin. Are your products suitable for people with skin allergies?
    WATTNEY KAY products are naturally free of harsh chemicals and toxins that can harm the skin.

    How do you package your products?
    WATTNEY KAY’s packaging has been developed with as much care and attention for the environment as our jewellery, using recycled materials and a minimum of ink to reduce print footprint. 

    How do i receive the latest information from WATTNEY KAY?
    Sign up for our newsletter in our footer and we will send you the latest news. You can also follow us directly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

    I have a store and would like to carry WATTNEY KAY. Where can i find wholesale information?
    Please visit our Wholesale page here. Fill out our form and we will get back to you within 48 hours and send you our Catalog and Wholesale Price List.


    What is my Pipe Bracelet made out of?
    Our pipe bracelets have metals parts: brass or nickel-plated aluminum and hemp cord. The interior tubing is FDA-approved food-grade vinyl tubing. 

    What exactly are the pipes under the hemp made from?
    We use FDA approved food grade vinyl tubing for our pipe bracelets. Our pipe bracelets are designed to be a utility or personal pipe and is not meant for constant or extended use. Under normal conditions, the tubing in our pipe bracelets will never touch a flame from your lighter and will only fail if misused or under abnormal conditions. 

    Wouldn’t the interior vinyl tubing melt with heat?
    The tube is made of a custom laboratory grade vinyl made specifically for our product. It’s been heat tested for up to 450 degrees, and our tests showed the heat entering the tube hits a max of 325 degrees. Unless you are using a direct butane (or hotter) flame in a completely empty bowl, the risk is minimal. We recommend hemp wick to light your tobacco, not just because butane’s fumes are harmful (and not very tasty), but also because it keeps the temperatures down for a more comfortable smoking experience.

    Won’t this stink after I use it?
    Because we don't use caps to plug the tube hole, the pipe bracelet can smell after using it. We recommend cleaning it regularly to get rid of the smell or be proud of the smell, after all its just a plant ;) 

    Is the only way to detach the bracelet involve opening the bowl?
    You can also unscrew the bowl directly from the bracelet. This is one of the main reasons to always keep your pipe bracelet clean, as tar can build up in that spot without regular maintenance. 


    What’s the best way to clean my pipe bracelet?
    The best way to clean your pipe bracelet is with the solvent and pipe cleaners. We would recommend using toothpicks if you need to scrape and pipe cleaners for the pipe itself. The easiest way is to use pipe cleaners, q-tips and a rubbing alcohol-based solution. Put a small amount of alcohol into the tube (very small amount), run the pipe cleaner through, and use the qtips to clean the bowl and cap. 

    What is the best way to clean the bowl?
    The easiest way we’ve found is to take a paper clip or pushpin, insert into the threads, and carefully twist while scraping. Start at the top and twist down to the screen, 2 or three times. 

    Can I wear my pipe bracelet in the water?
    We don’t recommend the bracelets be worn in water, as it weakens the hemp cord. 

    What should I do and not do with my pipe bracelet?

    • Do store your pipe bracelet in the open position when not in use to retain flexibility.
    • Don’t immerse your pipe bracelet in water – don’t swim with it, don’t shower with it, and don’t put your pipe bracelet in the washing machine. The hemp on your pipe bracelet can be gently cleaned with a small brush, a small amount of warm water, and a mild detergent if necessary.
    • Do clean your pipe bracelet before using it for the first time.
    • Do clean the parts of your pipe bracelet regularly. In addition to reducing odor, clean bowl and cap grooves make it easier to open and close your pipe bracelet. Of course, be sure that all cleaning solution is rinsed out before using your pipe bracelet. 


    What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and all transactions are run securely through PayPal or Shopify. You will receive a confirmation of your order via email with the total dollar amount (including any applicable taxes and shipping & handling).

    All prices are listed and charged in Canadian dollars. If applicable, the exact exchange rate you will pay is determined by the bank that has issued your credit card. In general, it will match very closely with the going exchange rate. Canadian customers will pay HST according to their provincial rate. American and international customers are responsible for all taxes and import duties levied by their respective countries.


    How do i cancel/adjust my order?
    If you would like to cancel your order or make any adjustments it is very important that you contact us right away. Please use ”CANCEL ORDER” or ”ADJUST ORDER” together with your order number in the subject field. If we do not receive a message directly after the order has been placed, we can not guarantee that we have time to stop the shipment. If a canceled order has already been sent, the customer will be responsible of sending the item back. If an order is being refused by the recipient for an unknown/unapproved reason, we reserve the right to charge a fee of $20 CDN for the cost of returning the item by the carrier.

    What countries do you ship to?
    WATTNEY KAY proudly offers worldwide shipping via Canada Post.

    When will my order be shipped?
    WATTNEY KAY jewellery is handcrafted to order. Your order will be filled as quickly as possible. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of most goods within North America, and 2-4 weeks for overseas orders. We will notify you as soon as possible of any delays. If you require your order in a rush, please contact WATTNEY KAY via email to inquire about express shipping. We will do our best to meet your deadline.

    How can i return my order?
    Your satisfaction is very important to WATTNEY KAY. Our jewellery is created with care by hand. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied, please follow the following instructions. Any purchases made online must be returned directly to WATTNEY KAY & Design and not to any retail stores. We are unable to accept any returns for items bought in a retail store. We will accept returns postmarked within 14 days of receiving shipment for credit only, less shipping costs. We do not accept returns after 14 days. All sales are final on discounted items.

    To return merchandise please first notify WATTNEY KAY by email ( then send all items to

    Wattney Kay & Design
    4261-A14 Highway 7 East Unit 15
    Unionville, Ontario
    L3R 9W6

    Please use a well-padded box or envelope and a traceable carrier. We cannot be responsible for items that are lost or damaged during return shipping. All costs related to return shipping are paid by the customer. WATTNEY KAY reserves the right to deny unreasonable returns and exchanges.

    My bracelet broke, do you do repairs?
    Of course! For all repair inquiries, please email
    We will make reasonable repairs on items for up to 1 month after date of purchase.
    WATTNEY KAY reserves the right to deny unreasonable repairs, returns, and exchanges.